The Wall Mounted unit is typically installed in the resident's unit in an area where the resident will typically pass during the course of a day like a hallway leading to the bedroom or bathroom area or near the front door. This unit has a built-in proximity detector which automatically monitors resident activity eliminating the need for the resident to press an "I'm OK" button every day. However, the daily check-in can be done manually with the press of a button if preferred.

When activated, the system immediately places a call to the first of four numbers. This call can go to any standard telephone, wireless telephone, cell phone, two-way radio, pager, or text message. If not answered the system will automatically hang-up and call the next number in the sequence and it will keep calling until the call is answered.

Available in 315mHz and 418mHz

Please select frequency at check out.

Please compare the back of you unit with the photo above.

The CC-560 is different.

CC-5900 Wall Box

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