• Refurbished CC-5900 Call Box

These units are factory refurbished and fully tested. Like new.

Units come with a 30 day warranty.

The Wall Mounted unit is typically installed in the resident's unit in an area where the resident will typically pass during the course of a day like a hallway leading to the bedroom or bathroom area or near the front door. This unit has a built-in proximity detector which automatically monitors resident activity eliminating the need for the resident to press an "I'm OK" button every day. However, the daily check-in can be done manually with the press of a button if preferred.

When activated, the system immediately places a call to the first of four numbers. This call can go to any standard telephone, wireless telephone, cell phone, two-way radio, pager, or text message. If not answered the system will automatically hang-up and call the next number in the sequence and it will keep calling until the call is answered.

Available 418mHz only.

Refurbished CC-5900 Call Box

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